Steam Release

Finally released my game to steam \o/ 

I decided to release my game today because I have added all the smaller features I wanted to add. I also think the game is in a good spot right now. That said, I would like to add more features such as online multiplayer and more playable units/characters but those will take a while to implement. I do need to focus more on life stuff for now, but I am still going to be here bug fixing and working on those bigger features when I have time. o7

This web version will remain here as a demo. The Steam version does have a demo for Windows and Linux, so those are going to be removed from here. The web version will no longer be updated since the game currently has Steam specific files.


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I'm so happy to hear that! This is my favorite small/jam game ever and its good to hear its getting updates.

Going to buy it on steam right now :)


This is great! Glad to see a game I've played on-and-off for a while finally release.