Reach the end of the level by bouncing around.

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V1.0 Changes

  • Local Multiplayer with leaderboard - Levels start slightly adjusted to allow this
  • New level - Pufferfish 
  • New UI 
  • Dragon changes - two difficult rooms have been updated to be easier for flow 
  • Controller Support (Right Trigger/Middle Mouse to switch between two in MainMenu)
  • Set keyboard keys for all 4 players  (in Settings->Controls)
  • Bumper Animation (Toggle in Settings->Gameplay)
  • (1.01) Changed Ground + Ice Textures
  • (1.01) Changed Wind Sound
  • (1.01) Added Old Spawn Points for Singleplayer mode

Known Issues 

  • Weird Controller Navigation for Level Select Screen + Settings
  • Scroll Wheel doesn't work on WebGL build - You will have to drag to view the levels off screen

V0.9 Changes

  • Textures 
  • SFX
  • Ongoing UI Changes
  • Fixed Glitch With Snowman going into level editor

V0.7 Changes

  • Small Mechanic Reworks
  • 1 New Level - Dragon 
  • Timer starts on level load now (No longer on first collision)
  • Key Rebinding + Camera Speed + Camera FOV Options
  • Bumping Angles Back To Original (Changed in v0.7.1)
  • Various Collision Changes (v0.7.2)
  • Stick Color Customization (v0.7.3)
  • Save Settings (v0.7.3)
  • Press Space to go to next level once completed (v0.7.4)
  • Water jet goes in the direction of the cursor in cursor mode (v0.7.4)
  • New Level - Snowman (v0.7.5)
    • This Map Forces Camera Follow
  • Black Resolution Bars Fixed (v0.7.5)
  • New Menu Cursor (v0.7.5)
  • Added `(~ key without shift) as another button for pause (v0.7.5)
  • Max camera speed now stays on the stick (v0.7.5)
  • Ability to change camera FOV while not using camera follow (v0.7.5)
  • Anti-Aliasing (v0.7.7)
  • Display Settings - Window, Resolution, Anti-Aliasing (v0.7.7)


Install instructions

Download and Unzip.

Double click the exe file to run.


Download 38 MB

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