Version 0.7

In version 0.7, a new level, Dragon, is added along with a few changes to existing mechanics, so you may feel the difference. I also added in a few other settings such as key rebinding and camera speed/fov. Other than that, I am starting to think about the future of the game more. I will be working on community building and creating a level editor. That said, I am planning on working on the game more privately now with testers, and hopefully release on Steam/Mobile. This will serve as the demo for the game. Also, there is a Discord for the game now. 

Discord Link:

Version 0.7 Changes

  • Small Mechanic Reworks
  • 1 New Level - Dragon 
  • Timer starts on level load now (No longer on first collision)
  • Key Rebinding + Camera Speed + Camera FOV Options

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Aug 19, 2020 Play in browser
Aug 19, 2020


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Are we having fun, or what?

is there any plan to add a level editor?