Post Jam Update + Future

Thank you to everyone that voted and to Mark for choosing my game for his 20th pick. I am still a little in shock, as there were a ton of amazing games created for this jam. Also, Thank you to everyone who left comments and feedback. I definitely want to see what everyone would like from this game, so please keep posting more. I currently do not have any plans on monetizing this game past donations, which I will add at some point later in the future... I am pretty much developing this game for fun in my free time. If you enjoy the game please consider following me. Thank you. o7

Version 0.2 Changes

  • Removed Freeze Frames on Collision
  • Added Speed-run timer
  • Added Experimental Mouse Controls
  • Added Sound Settings

Upcoming Changes

  • Juice
  • More Levels
  • More Mechanics

Future Changes

  • More Levels
  • Level Editor
  • Local Multiplayer


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Any news? Really enjoyed the game and just now remembered about it :)

Thanks! I am currently working on a level editor. Its taking a lot longer than I had anticipated.

Oh that's super cool, thanks for the update!